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Double Jacket Hose

Rack Hose

(MD) Mill Discharge - Lightweight, easy to handle single jacket hose. 250 psi test. Clean-up or Washdown applications - All polyester construction. Will not mildew or decay with age.

(3p) Single jacket polyester - Rubber lined - 300 psi test - immune to mildew - lightweight, strong, and flexible. Sizes: 1½" through 2½"

(5P) Single jacket - Rubber lined, 500 psi test - recommended for industrial interior and exterior fire protection. Sizes: 1" through 4".

(6P) Single jacket - Rubber lined, 600 psi test. Sizes: 1" through 2½". Price Available on request.

(6A) Double jacket - Rubber lined, tough construction for heavy industrial applications. 600 psi test. Sizes: 1" through 6".

(8A) Double jacket - Strong premium construction designed for high pressure applications. 800 psi test. Totally immune to mildew. Sizes: 1" through 3". Price Available on request.

(RR) Rack n' Reel Hose - Lightweight, compact, thermoplastic lined. Folds easily for pin rack storage. All synthetic construction is immune to mildew. 500 psi test. Sizes: 1½" through

Data Sheet -Rack Hose(pdf)


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