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Hose, Pressure Reducing Valve, Standpipe Flowmeter- Venturi Type
Venturi Type Flowmeter Model: H-F250

NFPA 13, 14 and 25 requires performing flow and pressure tests on fire pumps, sprinkler system valves and pressure regulating hose valves.

  • This Lightweight (17.6 lbs), inline design incorporates a precision machined all-aluminum venturi flow tube.
  • 2-1/2" NST Polished Crome Hydrant Gate Valve is swivel-inlet type for closing and opening and can easily be disconnected for use in other test applications
  • A 4.5" Dial Direct read GPM flow Gauges for flow (150-500 gpm) accuracy ±2%* of Full Scale, and a 4" Dial Pressure Gauge (0-400 Psi).
  • A removable 2-1/2" NST 30* Polished Chrome Brass Swivel Elbow for easy connection to Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Base and carrying handle are also aluminum.

Unit Price: US$1675.00
Unit Price: US$1895.00 with wheeled Carrying case

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