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Fire Hydrant Flow Test Products

Fire Hydrant Swivel Diffuser
$498.95 Each

Fire Hydrant Data Logger

Hydrant Flow Test Pitot Tube

H-FK2 Basic Hydrant Kit

Flow Test
Water Meters

Fire Hydrant Meters & Gate Valves

Fire Hydrant Meters

2½" NST Aluminum Hydrant Gate Valve

Fire Hydrant Test Kits

Some of our customers


Fire Hydrant T Diffuser
Viking 2-1/2" NST Thrust Buster Street T Pitot Diffuser with Psi-GPM Gauge
Model: H-SD250TS

$949.99 Ea
Hydrant Static Cap Gauge
2-1/2" NST Fire Hydrant
Static Cap Gauge with
Bleeder Valve

H-CGB252: $96.99 Each
2-1/2" NST Fire Hydrant
Digital Static Cap Gauge in case

H-CGD250: $235.50 Each
In Line Gauges

2-1/2" NST Fire Hydrant In Line
Pitot Psi- GPM Gauge

$695.99 Each

Hydrant Meter Backflow
Hydrant Backflow Meter with RPZ
2 1/2 in.Female Swivel NST
3" Model FHD30SUS-RP

Fire Department Conncetion Assy
Fire Department Connection FDC Assembly
Concealed Siamese
Flush Fire Department Connection(Siamese)
comlete with Grvd. Body, Wall plate & Plug/chain
4x2.5x2.5 @ $369.00 Ea. set

Gated "Y" LeaderLine Siamese
@ $129.99 Ea.
Hose Valves
UL/FM Hydrant-Gate-Valve
Non Rising Stem
2?"NST(F)Swivel x 2?"NST(M)
@ $169.99 Ea.
2?"NPT(F) x 2?"NST(M)
@ $139.99 Ea.
Fire Hose Valves
1-1/2"NPT x F NPT
2-1/2" FNPT x MNST
Water Gauges
NNI Dual Read PSI/GPM Gauges
0-100 Psi, 0-1680 gpm
or 0-160 Psi, 0-2120 gpm
4" Dial @ $69.49 Ea
NNI Fire Sprinkler Gauge
Air Water -UL/FM - 2022 marking

3½" Dial @ $8.99 Ea

NNI Glycerin Filled with Stainless steel casing Pressure Gauges

2½" Dial @ $23.49 Ea.
Test & Drain

$99.99 Ea.
1-1/4" $139.99 Ea.
*Prices subject to change without notice.*
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