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Fire Protection Valves
Check Valves

-Swing Check Valves- html

-Ball Drip Valves- Data Sheet pdf

-Flanged & Screwed Check Valves-html

Riser Check/ Shotgun
-Wafer & Silent Check Valves-html -Riser Check Valves- html
Butterfly Valves
Grooved/Wafer with Tamper
Bronze with Tamper
- Grooved/wafer with tamper switch - Bronze Butterfly with tamper switch
Gate Valves
Non Rising stem
-OS&Y Gate Valve Cast Iron
-OS&Y Gate Valve Bronze Body

-OS&Y Gate Valve- Data Sheet pdf

-Non Rising Stem Gate Valve- data Sheet pdf
Wall & Indicator Posts
Wall Posts
Indicator Post
-Wall Post 800W (New) -Indicator Post 800 (New)
Alarm Valves
Alarm Check Valves
Water Motor Alarm/Gong
-Alarm Check Valves (New) -Water Motor Alarm
Dry Pipe Valves
Dry Valves
-Dry Pipe Valves -Accelerator
Deluge & PreAction Valves
Deluge & PreAction Valves
Manual Control station
-Deluge & Preaction Valves Manual Pull station MC1

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